Pulse Rider generators from Active Technologies

Active Technologies introduces Pulse Rider Generator with 70 ps edge rate

The Pulse Rider generators from Active Technologies are equipped with a touch screen display and two or four channels depending on the model to deliver pulses up to a repetition rate of 240 MHz. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 5 Volts with less than 70 ps smooth transitions time with minimal overshoot and ringing.

Pulse Rider generator from Active Technologies includes an ergonomic user interface which allows users to generate pulses by a few screen touches. The 7” touch screen display makes possible to define pulses for an application by offering a complementary soft keyboard and a central knob for fine-tuning and adjustments during the set up operation.

Configurations may be stored on the system memory for configuration recalls (USB also provided for personalized usage).
Multiple channel pulse generation is always available with the basic

Dual Channel version or with the Quad Channels version. Each channel generate pulses with edges faster than 70 ps with frequency repetition rate from mHz to 60 MHz.

The Quad Channel model can reach up to 240 MHz by combining four output channels. The new family of Rider Pulse Generator can produce multiple-channels of independent widths and delays data outputs and/or signal polarities.

This may be used as digital delay generators in synchronizing, delaying, gating and triggering multiple devices with respect to one unique event.

The output channels can be combined in order to have a double pulse (quad pulse in the 4 channel version) generation.

Trigger events may be generated internally or capture by external trigger input or remotely from Ethernet or GBIP connections. The trigger output may be delayed according to the application, thanks to RiderEdge technology, amplified to increase the dynamic from small signals inputs.

Trigger in and Trigger out may be used to synchronise multiple units to obtain several pulses and provide the solution needed for specifics application.