Network & Telecom

Analogue and digital mobile radio test solutions :
Radiocommunication test benches include a set of measuring instruments for transmitter/receiver measurements, including : a modulable RF generator for receiver testing and an RF analyzer for transmitter testing. The advantage over the use of separate RF measuring devices lies in the perfect interconnection and interoperability of functions, which is managed by software, and the availability of the protocol of various radio communication systems (3RP, (IEEE802.11a to IEEE802.11g, UMTS, 3G, LTE-A, 4G, 5G …) in real time, thus simulating a base station for testing a receiver and to simulate a mobile to test a base station.

• Analog AM / FM / PM, analog 3RP analog measuring bench
• 2G to 5G digital radiocommunication test benches
• 2G and 5G Digital Radio Protocol Tester
• Test equipment PCM and PDH
• PDH SDH / SONET test equipment
• ATM MPEG test equipment
• WAN / LAN (IP, access, xDSL / LL