ADLINK PXI and PXIe chassis and embedded controler

Adlink launches entry-level PXI/PXIe chassis and embedded controlers

Adlink Technology announced new entry-level PXI and PXI Express (PXIe) platforms for PXI testing system startup users.

  • PXES-2301 is an all-hybrid, 6-slot compact PXIe chassis with system bandwidth up to 8 GB/s.
  • PXIe-3935 and PXI-3930, embedded controllers with Intel Celeron 2000E 2.2GHz processors.


PXES-2301 PXIe chassis : 

The PXES-2301 6-slot PXIe chassis provides all-hybrid peripheral slots for data throughput up to 8 GB/s, optimization for industry use with enhanced heat dissipation and available rack-mount option and carrying handle.

The entry-level PXES-2301 supports a variety of applications, accepting installation of CompactPCI, PXI, CompactPCI Express, and PXI Express modules in any peripheral slot.

Compact construction, light 5.85kg weight, and carrying handle and rubber feet enable portability and half-rack size with efficient feature layout eases rack-mounting, such that even two PXES-2301 chassis can be accommodated in a single rack-mount system.

The PXES-2301 chassis is securing the entire system with cooling and alarm technologies that maximize PXI platform stability and increase the life of the chassis. In addition, with ADLINK’s ChassisWatch system monitoring control utility, chassis power and temperature are tracked, adjusting fans accordingly and triggering alarms when user-configured limits are met.

PXIS-3935/PXI-3930 embedded controllers : 

ADLINK PXIe-3935 and PXI-3930 PXI Express /PXI embedded controllers, based on the Intel® Celeron® 2000E 2.2GHz processor, deliver system throughput at 8 GB/s and 132 MB/s respectively, increased, according to Adlink, as much as four times over that of similar product offerings.

The PXIe-3935 and PXI-3930 provide substantial interface flexibility, including two DisplayPort connectors, allowing connection of two 4K UHD monitors at the same time with independent displays (PXIS-3935), dual USB 3.0 connections for high speed peripheral devices, dual GbE ports for connection to LXI instruments, and built-in GPIB connection for hybrid PXI-based testing systems control.

ADLINK’s PXIe-3935 and PXI-3930 reduce maintenance burdens with replaceable battery, and upgradable storage and SODIMM modules. Backup BIOS also eases recovery in the event of a main BIOS crash.