PCI Express test solution combining Anritsu's MP1900A analyser with a high-performance oscilloscope from Teledyne LeCroy.

Anritsu offers a PCI Express test solution that supports oscilloscopes from multiple vendors

  • Anritsu launches a PCI Express compliance testing solution developed in collaboration with Granite River Lab and Teledyne LeCroy.
  • This solution combines the MP1900A Series BERT Analyzer, appropriate test automation software and a high performance oscilloscope from third-party vendors such as Teledyne LeCroy

The test solution supports PCI Express transmitter and receiver testing using MP1900A signal quality analyzer automation software. Anritsu announces that it is possible to connect the oscilloscopes of the three major manufacturers to the MP1900A to automate receiver testing according to PCI Express standards.

With the next PCI Express Gen5 standard, the transmission speed will increase from 16 to 32 GT/s. Due to the increased speed, the performance of bit error rate testers (BERT) as well as oscilloscopes will have to be adapted accordingly.

Anritsu has partnered with Granite River Labs (GRL) and Teledyne LeCroy to develop a PCI Express test solution based on a combination of automation software that supports BERT measurements up to PCI Express Gen5 transmission speeds, its MP1900A signal analyzer with appropriate performance (low jitter/noise, high input sensitivity, etc.) and Teledyne Lecroy’s high-performance oscilloscopes, among others.