DDR5 DRAM memory module from Apacer.

Apacer announces all-lead-free memory module

  • Apacer, a manufacturer of industrial SSDs and DRAM, has announced that it has created the first all-lead-free memory module.
  • This, according to the Taiwanese company, is a world first.
  • This memory module not only exceeds the requirements of the current EU RoHS environmental protection standard, but also avoids relying on the lead exemption clause of RoHS 7(c)-I.

The memory modules currently on the market contain lead components in their resistance elements. Therefore, they cannot fully meet the requirements of the RoHS environmental protection standard and must rely on the RoHS 7(c)-I lead exemption clause. However, with the adoption of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the use of exemption clauses cannot be considered a long-term solution.

“The international trend is increasingly strict on environmental protection, and problems such as metal pollution and poisoning from large amounts of e-waste cannot be underestimated. Therefore, Apacer invested early on in research and product development in related fields,” said CK Chang, president of Apacer.

Apacer has developed a memory module with new, completely lead-free resistance elements. This module complies with RoHS environmental protection standards without compromising performance. According to the Taiwanese company, this technological breakthrough will enable memory manufacturers to move in a greener and more environmentally friendly direction.

The first fully lead-free memory module will be applied to DDR5 DRAM modules first.