Intempora Automotive Software developpement

dSpace acquires Intempora

  • The German company dSpace acquires Intempora, a French specialist in real-time development software for automotive embedded systems and autonomous driving applications.
  • The two companies had already entered into a strategic partnership in March 2016, resulting in the integration of Intempora’s multi-sensor real-time RTMaps software into several dSpace solutions.

With the acquisition of Intempora, “we now offer our customers an open, consistent and even more powerful solution that covers the entire process of autonomous driving development, from data recording and enrichment, to replay, scenario generation and simulation,” said Martin Goetzeler, Managing Director of the dSpace Group. For his part, Nicolas du Lac, managing director of Intempora, believes that “by joining the German group, we can now develop our software more rapidly by integrating it coherently with the dSpace solution set”.

Intempora is a French software publisher founded in 2000. It specializes in solutions for the automotive industry and particularly for multi-sensor real-time applications that provide essential data and information to mobile robotic devices, driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD).

In particular, its RTMaps software is suitable for the development of algorithms for autonomous vehicle driving systems from their rapid prototyping to their deployment on ECUs. It ensures the capture, time-stamping, synchronization and readback of data from different sensors.

Intempora also offers the RTag and IVS (Intempora Validation Suite) annotation software dedicated to data management for the cloud and to the storage of petabytes of records as well as to the optimized search of relevant test scenarios.

According to dSpace, Intempora’s software offering complements the functional range of its products for the development of data-oriented applications, closing the gap between recording and managing data and validating software functions.