Exfo MaxTester 635G

Exfo offers Speedtest powered handheld testing device

Less than a year after introducing MaxTester 635G, Exfo announced that its tester is now the only instrument powered by Speedtest software. With the addition of Speedtest by Ookla’s technology, MaxTester helps service providers ensure residential subscribers get the internet speeds they expect.

The new software enables operators rolling out FTTx broadband in the residential services market to make sure subscribers get the throughput (upload and download speeds) they expect, based on results obtained directly from the testing devices used by technicians in the field.

Speedtest by Ookla’s throughput testing and analysis software has been integrated directly into the MaxTester 635G test solution, part of Exfo’s portfolio of test orchestration and real-time 3D analytics solutions for service providers, network equipment manufacturers and web-scale companies.

Speedtest’s technology measures the true TCP throughput over the customer’s G.fast/DSL or Ethernet circuit using the industry gold standard in internet connection speed testing. Service providers can now, according to Exfo, get more consistent results, more efficiently, with a single tool that integrates physical, service and throughput testing.

The handheld MAX-635G enables technicians to perform a Speedtest anywhere in the last mile network (DPU/DSLAM, NID, ONT), and prove internet upload and download speeds to locally distributed Speedtest servers.

In addition to being Speedtest Powered, MaxTester 635G helps service providers confidently install, turn up and maintain G.fast, VDSL2-35b, VDSL2- and ADSL2+ deployments, and verify subscriber data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s.

It offers multiplay service testing with copper fault-finding capabilities and touchscreen navigation. The MaxTester 635G also provides asset and data field management support using Exfo Sync and Exfo Connect mobile and cloud-based solutions.