Flir ETS320 infrared system to test the thermal behavior of electronic components

Flir dedicates the ETS320 infrared camera to the electronic components test

Flir Systems announces the ETS320 infrared system. It is the first solution of the American manufacturer to test the thermal behavior of electronic components. The device, consisting of an IR camera and a screen assembled on a stem, allows the analysis of the thermal characteristics of electronic components and printed circuits.

The Flir ETS320 integrates an infrared camera whose sensitivity has been adapted to the specificities of printed circuits and other electronic components. It makes contactless thermal tests possible throughout the process of design, development and production of electronic components.

This solution correlates heat up with energy consumption, detects hot spots, and studies heat dissipation to identify potential temperature-related failures in product development, and to observe and understand the thermal behavior of the units under test.

Equipped with a 320 x 240 pixel detector, the infrared camera is capable of detecting 76,800 temperature measurement points in the range of -20 ° C to 250 ° C with an uncertainty of ± 3 ° C.

When the camera is at the prescribed working distance, a pixel corresponds to a surface area of 170 μm x 170 μm. It is the surface of the smallest element that can be detected with the camera. To obtain an optimal precision, Flir specifies however that it is necessary to target a zone representing 3×3 pixels on the unit under test.

The Flir ETS320 system, consisting of a rechargeable battery-powered camera with a 3-inch LCD, is mounted on a stem to adjust the depth of field to the area to be observed.

Flir Tools software allows you to view, analyze and save thermal images and related information transmitted to the PC via USB.