Handheld Industrial DMM DM90/91 from Flir

Flir offers the DM91 industrial multimeter

  • The DM91 digital multimeter from Flir is designed for industrial electrical control applications.
  • This portable instrument is equipped with data logging and wireless communication functions.

Designed for industrial electricians and test bench personnel, the Flir TRMS DM91 digital multimeter integrates 18 measurement functions. It can be used to record data and save up to 10 sets of 40,000 values that can be retrieved later.

Its Bluetooth interface makes it possible to connect to the Flir Tools mobile application. This application allows data to be downloaded and shared among collaborators or customers. It can also be exchanged wirelessly with Flir’s compatible infrared cameras.

The DM91 multimeter can measure contact temperatures up to 400 °C. It offers a measurement function in milliamperes with a sensitivity of 0.1 mV.

The device accepts different types of batteries: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery Flir TA04 or standard AA batteries.
Main Flir DM90/DM91 DMM spécifications : 

Features by Meter DM90 DM91
Data Storage with Recall

1 file of 40k readings



Maximum Voltage 1000 V DC, 1000 V AC True RMS


Basic Accuracy

Frequency Counter 100.00 Hz ±0.1%
Resistance 6.000 MΩ ±0.9%
Continuity Check 600.0 Ω ±0.9%
Capacitance 10.00mF 1.9%
Diode Test 1.500 V
Temperature, Type-K Thermocouple -40.0 to 752.0°F DMM ±(1.0% + 5.4°F)/IGM ±(1.0% + 9°F)
-40.0 to 400.0°C DMM ± (1.0% + 3°C)/ IGM ±(1.0% + 5°C)
Measuring Rate 3 samples per second

General Information

3000A AC (Optional TA72/74) ±3.0% + 5 digits
Display Count 6000
Category Rating CAT IV-600V, CAT III-1000V
IP Rating IP54 IP40
Battery type  4x AAA 3x AA
Drop Test 3 meters
Battery Life Alkaline: approx. 110 hrs
Lithium polymer (optional): approx. 500 hrs
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty