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Keysight modifies the segmentation of its activities

  • Keysight Technologies has announced an organizational change regarding the segmentation of its results by activity, which takes effect in the first quarter of its 2019 financial year.

The two business segments Communications Solutions Group (CSG) and Electronic Industrial Solutions Group (EISG) are combined into a single business segment in order, according to Keysight, ‘’to fully reflect our services delivery within the markets served and further enable services growth’’.

The service activities, which were previously grouped under the name Services Solutions Group (SSG), will now be integrated into the sector in which its services are provided.

Keysight’s activities will now be divided into three sectors instead of four previously.

Starting in the first quarter of 2019, the American company will publish its results in three segments:

  • Communications Solutions Group (CSG)
  • Electronic Industrial Solutions Group (EISG)
  • Ixia Solutions Group (ISG).

Ixia Solutions Group combines the activities of the Californian company Ixia, which Keysight acquired in 2017, and which specializes in hardware and software solutions to ensure the visibility, testing and security of physical or virtual networks.