Anritsu's MT8870A Universal Wireless Communication Tester

Overview of solutions presented by Anritsu at Mobile World Congress 2018

  • Anritsu is presenting this week at the 2018 edition of the Mobile World Congress, its test solutions and monitoring systems for the mobile communications market including 5G-NR, LTE-A-Pro and IoT (connected objects) technologies.
  • Anritsu’s demonstrations focus on the design, testing, management and monitoring of devices, components, systems and services in the world of mobile communications.

# Overview of the solutions presented by Anritsu at MWC 2018:

  • 5G New Radio (NR) Analysis – 5G R&D and production testing solutions using the MS2850A Signal Analyser for bandwidth analysis up to 1 GHz at millimetre-wave frequencies and the MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set for sub-6 GHz 5G NR signal analysis.
  • Gigabit LTE – Supporting LTE-Advanced Pro chipset and device tests including, 5CC and 4×4 MIMO configuration at data speeds up to 2Gbps, performed by any of Anritsu’s device testers.
  • CRAN Deployment and Management – Using CPRI field installation tools such as the MT8220T BTS Master to provide solutions for CRAN, RF-over-CPRI, cable installations, “Over-the-Air” (OTA) and “direct connection” RF testing. Spectrum management and interference hunting with the MS2760A modular Spectrum Analyzer, and rapid I&M of WAN’s with the MT1000A All-in-One testing.

Anritsu also offers Quality Assurance Service solutions designed to provide communications service providers with visibility into the performance of their networks and services, to optimize the user experience with the information they deliver.

  • Analytics Ecosystem – The MasterClaw portfolio (including eoLive, eoSearch, eoSight and eoMind) delivers advanced analytics driven insights leading to evaluate customer satisfaction and perception.
  • NFV and Closed Loop Automation –The virtualization of communication networks (Telco cloud) is implemented by communications service providers.” Anritsu’s NFV Closed Loop “is a service quality assurance analysis solution that makes it possible to detect and resolve problems.