Pacific Power Source 360AFX model

Pacific Power Source expands AFX Series with a 6kVA model

The new Pacific Power Source 360AFX model pushes available output power down to 6kVA/6kW in AC mode and 4.2kW in DC mode. Higher power AFX Series models remain available, ranging from 9kVA to 60kVA.

All AFX Series power sources of Pacific Power Source are based on a proprietary, all-digital, power conversion technology platform that supports a set of features and capabilities used in programmable power sources. These include a direct-coupled output that allows for AC output, DC output or AC+DC combined output modes.

The 360AFX features active power corrected AC inputs with a wide input voltage range. Voltage, waveform, current, power, phase and frequency are all programmable with 99 non-volatile setups that can be stored for quick recall as part of a test protocol to reduce remote control overhead.

Other features and capabilities include a 15Hz to 1200Hz frequency range, single 300VRMS constant power mode voltage range, programmable RMS or DC and peak current limit functions, and compatibility with the Pacific Power PPSC Manager Windows control software. These capabilities are controlled by the user through an intuitive front panel with a color LCD display or external touchscreen monitor.

The new all-digital design makes a small and light form factor possible, with 6kVA occupying no more than 4U of rack space. The 360AFX is well suited for upgrading legacy power test cabinets where additional power is required without consuming the additional space demanded by conventional AC power sources. With standard support for LAN, SCPI command syntax, IVI instrument drivers and LXI compliance, it allows easy integration into both new and existing ATE applications.