Pickering Interfaces’s Cable Design Tool

Pickering Interfaces updates its cable design tool

  • Pickering Interfaces, supplier of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, announces a significant upgrade to its Cable Design Tool (CDT) for building custom interconnect solutions for test systems.

Pickering introduced the CDT six years ago to make it easier and faster for test engineers to select and create interconnect solutions for their test systems.

“Selecting connectors and cables for a test setup can be a complex process resulting in a significant investment in time and money. Cable design is probably the last challenge considered when developing a test system. Yet, it needs care and expertise because proper cabling is critical for the time-to-market of the products being tested. Unless the test engineer is a cabling expert, researching wires and connectors can be daunting. Therefore, Pickering’s Cable Design Tool has become a valuable utility for test engineers designing custom cables for functional test systems”, comments Keith Moore, CEO at Pickering Interfaces.

The latest version features a similar look and feel to the original but has many new features based on user feedback.

A new feature of the tool is the Project Manager; its primary purpose is to organize designs in a project folder structure. These folders can be shared with other users, providing access to project communications, attachments, history, and other functions. The Project Manager also controls access to shared designs and manages the custom design library, which is the user’s design library.

Messages to other users and Pickering’s engineers can now be sent and received within the tool. This improves workflow and helps with the approval process, providing traceability of changes and keeping all communications on the design in one place. The design submission process is greatly simplified, and, as well as being more collaborative, Pickering’s CDT is now more secure. Unauthorized users can only view and not edit the design, thus minimizing errors. Designs can also be locked.

Pickering’s updated Cable Design Tool is now live and available to use free of charge by visiting www.pickeringtest.com/cdt.

The completed design can be submitted to Pickering’s connection division or any cable supplier for manufacture. In addition, the connection division offers a range of standard high-quality cables to support many applications. Pickering’s standard three-year warranty covers all their interconnection products.