PGY-100BASET1-PA Analyzer from Prodigy Technovations

Prodigy Technovations offers a 100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer

  • India’s Prodigy Technovations announces the PGY-100BASET1-PA series passive stand-alone analyzer for Automotive Ethernet protocol analysis.

The 100BASE-T1 interface bus using full duplex two-wire PAM3 signals meets the requirements of increasing data rates of on-board automotive electronic systems.

Prodigy Technovations has developed the PGY-100BASET1-PA analyzer adapted to Automotive Ethernet protocol testing. This analyzer accesses the vehicle’s integrated bus through a passive probe and performs the acquisition of time-stamped Ethernet packets. It thus makes possible the precise characterization of possible synchronization problems between master and slave ECUs.
# Overview of the PGY-100BASET1-PA analyzer features

  • Protocol decoding and analysis of the 100Base-T1 bus
  • 100Base-T1 bus non-intrusive passive monitoring sensor
  • Decoding of T10 Sleep and Wakeup events of the master and slave ECUs
  • Continuous streaming of bus activity to PC SSD/HDD disk for long-term capture of protocol data
  • Simultaneous monitoring of 100Base-T1 and MDIO/MDC protocol activity