PanelPilot SGD 21-B from Lascar Electronics

RS Components offers a voltmeter with an E-Ink display

  • RS Components (RS), a distributor of electronic and maintenance components, markets the industrial display panel voltmeter using an E-Ink screen technology.
  • The PanelPilot SGD 21-B from Lascar Electronics is a single-channel voltmeter with very low power consumption and E-Ink monochrome display.


E-Ink displays, which are generally embedded in consumer electronics devices such as e-books, are entering the industrial field. Compared to other technologies, this type of display has two advantages: it is easy to read even in high brightness and very low energy consumption.

The PanelPilot SGD 21-B is equipped with a 2.1-inch dot matrix display (250 x 122 pixels, 6 digits resolution). It also takes advantage of Panel Pilot B’s innovative platform for Windows, which allows users to configure and customize a wide variety of Lascar-compatible devices with just a few clicks.

The availability of customizable preloaded display templates allows users to implement them without the need to write any lines of code. Six voltmeter configurations are available free of charge.

Combined with the new SGD 21-B PanelPilot SGD 21-B, the software platform offers a choice of analogue or digital voltmeter applications, and then allows you to customize labels, scales and alarms. Two alarms, each with a dedicated output and a configurable input/output point, can be configured.

A welcome screen may be displayed when the unit is started. Once the application is set up, it can be sent to the SGD 21-B screen via USB.

Its 4 to 9 V DC power supply and very low power consumption allow it to be used on battery-powered mobile devices.