Tektronix's online Technology Symposium on Wednesday 8th November 2017

Tektronix organizes its 2017 Technology Symposium

Tektronix announced its online one day event to take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017 for engineers working in communications, computer, semiconductor, military/aerospace, consumer electronics, research or education, broadcast and other electronics test & measurement fields.
The free virtual show will cover the latest test and measurement technology trends and innovations and how to apply these in practice – presented by experts and covering a variety of industries and applications in a series of webcasts followed by live Q&As, chat sessions and a virtual trade show.
The event will showcase test and measurement tips and strategies to address technological innovation, such as:

  • The growing challenge of wireless devices and how to design, debug and validate the many different standards that come with them.
  • Dealing with the new optical and serial data bus architectures that are addressing the demand for ever-higher bandwidths.
  • The explosion of the new technologies related to energy efficiency and the drive for green energy solutions.

Scheduled webcasts will take place throughout the day (from 10.00 – 15.00, Central European Time) in the digital auditorium. Delegates will be able to navigate around the virtual exhibition hall and visit the Tektronix and Keithley booths.
There will also be opportunities to pick up an electronic briefcase to download the latest primers, application notes, how-to guides and more. The communications lounge will feature live chats and the ability to interact with other visitors and industry experts.
The webcasts programme will run throughout the event and will be 45-minute presentations followed by live Q&A sessions:

  • 100/400G data communication technology update on the standards and challenges in Rx/Tx testing
  • Critical probing considerations for broadband applications
  • Serial bus analysis for Automotive designs, measurement challenges and solutions
  • Debugging embedded IoT designs employing the latest technologies
  • RF Troubleshooting(EMI)
  • Challenges and opportunities in the widebandgap power revolution, introducing the new ISO VU probing solution.
  • Overcoming DC and AC measurement challenges of
  • Semiconductor devices and materials
  • Solutions for power electronics testing
  • Challenges facing quantum computing with signal source solutions
  • Generating and measuring wideband Radar signals

More information and free registration for the event
Anyone registered but unable to attend on the day will be able to access the offline version after the event.