GW Instek's PCS-1000I AC and DC precision shunt meter

The new GW Instek’s PCS-1000I isolated output precision current shunt meter.

GW Instek’s PCS-1000I AC and DC precision shunt meter can simultaneously measure current and voltage with the maximum 6 1/2 Digits measurement resolution.

GW Instek rolls out the PCS-1000I isolated output current shunt meter, which inherits the simultaneous voltage and current measurement function of the PCS-1000 model.

PCS-1000I adopts five sets of independent shunt resistors to provide five current measurement levels, including 300A, 30A, 3A, 300mA, and 30mA to meet the requirements of different current level measurements.

Internally, the instrument utilizes two sets of 24 bits ADCs and low temperature coefficient electronic components to mainly focus on the current measurement of power supply devices. It can be used in adjusting and calibrating instruments.  Additionally, temperature variation will not cause any measurement errors.

The shunt meter can automatically select optimal measurement level with the maximum resolution so as to replace manual selection.

PCS-1000I provides a BNC output, which can connect with an oscilloscope to directly observe current waveform variation without using a current probe. General oscilloscopes do not have isolated channels and their input and output are structured at a common point, therefore, the output load will likely result in measurement errors. Isolated current output design of the instrument can prevent measurement errors from an oscilloscope with non-isolated outputs.

This instrument provides USB and GPIB communications interfaces for users to remotely control the instrument and conducts simultaneous voltage and current measurements.

PCS-1000I will replace non-isolated output PCS-1000 models, which will be discontinued.


Main features of the GW Instek’sPCS-1000I :

  • 6 1/2 digit voltage and current measurement resolution
  • Simultaneous current and voltage measurement
  • Five current measurement levels (AC&DC): 30mA/ 300mA/ 3A/ 30A/ 300A
  • AC voltage measurement levels: 200mV/ 2V/ 20V/ 200V/ 600V
  • DC voltage measurement levels: 200mV/ 2V/ 20V/ 200V/ 1000V
  • Standard: USB& GPIB