Anritsu MT2780A IQ Fiber Master MT2780A PIM Analyzer

Anritsu’s IQ Fiber Master analyzes PIM and RF spectrum on site

  • Anritsu announces the IQ Fiber Master MT2780A solution that performs passive intermodulation analysis over fiber optic cable and presents RF spectrum results from IQ data.
  • The instrument is designed to perform RF interference measurements and Passive Intermodulation Analysis (PIM) on LTE communications systems based on a front haul CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) infrastructure.

The IQ Fiber Master implements patented measurement functions (PIM over CPRI and RF over CPRI) to enable testing from the ground at the foot of the towers. The MT2780A can be used to scan RF signals from the uplink of a remote radio head (RRH) to detect in-band interference while simultaneously performing PIM measurements on the CPRI interface. This solution, which supports LTE Tier 1 radio base stations from all manufacturers, can be used to determine whether key performance indicators are affected by PIM interference or distortion.

Analysis of the CPRI QI data allows users to view the uplink radio spectrum to identify interference. The IQ Fiber Master measures the PIM over CPRI from four SFP inputs, allowing comparison across multiple bands and sectors. Measurements are performed in real-life situations directly on signals transmitted from the cellular tower. Since measurements are performed from baseband IQ data, the IQ Fiber Master can perform measurements on any frequency or combination of frequencies of the remote radio head (RRH).

The analysis performed by the IQ Fiber Master can identify the presence of PIMs, whether internal or external in origin, as well as their location. In addition, a map shows which is the most important PIM transmitter. These diagnostic procedures guide the field technical teams to the most likely location and cause of problems.

For continuous monitoring, IQ Fiber Master can be installed on site to perform long-term passive intermodulation (PIM over CPRI) measurements and deliver analytical data. Problems with intermittent passive intermodulation or PIM variations due to base station loading during the day can be identified. The generated measurement reports allow comparative analyses to be carried out.

The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A is a compact instrument (1 kg, 185 mm x 133 mm x 55 mm) that supports all LTE bands.