R&S CMP180 Radio Communication Tester from Rohde & Schwarz

Autotalks verifies its 5G-V2X chipset with Rohde & Schwarz’s CMP180 radio communication tester

  • Autotalks, an Israeli specialist in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, has relied on Rohde & Schwarz test equipment to validate the performance of its third-generation V2X chipsets.
  • Its Tekton3 and Secton3 series systems-on-a-chip were validated using the latest 5G-V2X capability of the R&S CMP180 radio communication tester.
  • Both companies will be presenting a 5G-V2X test solution at the Mobile World Congress being held from February 26 to February 29, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.


New 5G-V2X capability of the R&S CMP180

The R&S CMP180 radio communication test platform is a non-signalling solution for wireless devices supporting cellular and non-cellular technologies. 5G-V2X test capability has been recently added to the R&S CMP180 by Rohde & Schwarz, meaning the complete range of V2X technologies supported by Autotalks’ chipset was able to be tested using a single instrument. The single-box tester comes equipped with two analyzers, two generators and two times eight RF ports, plus the possibility to scale up by stacking several testers. This makes it an ideal solution for simultaneous measurements of different technologies and devices in R&D and mass production, which means customers can use the R&S CMP180 to test simultaneously all three V2X sidelink standards. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) sidelink refers to direct wireless communication links established between nearby vehicles without relying on cellular network infrastructure.

New concurrent 5G-V2X operation capability

The Autotalks chipsets, Tekton3 and Secton3 support all four V2X sidelink communication standards; LTE-V2X, IEEE 802.11p (DSRC) and the new 5G-V2X and 802.11bd. These chipsets not only support 5G-V2X operation but can accomplish this while operating another radio technology concurrently. This allows incorporating 5G-V2X while maintaining the install base on the legacy technology. For example, in Europe, where 5G-V2X is expected to be launched first, DSRC can be supported in parallel.

5G-V2X sidelink communication

V2X is a key technology which increases traffic efficiency, improves road safety, and enhances autonomous driving. This enables direct, reliable, low latency communication between vehicles (V2V), vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) and vehicles and pedestrians (V2P). 5G-V2X with its higher order modulation and two-way group communication enables new use cases including cooperative manoeuvres such as lane merging and advanced sensor data sharing.