Keysight RF Automation Toolset

Dekra adds to Keysight’s suite of test solutions to verify regulatory compliance of 5G devices

  • Dekra, a global test organization, has added to its palette of 5G and IoT test solutions from Keysight to expand regulatory compliance services for 5G new radio (NR), Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 devices.

Radio frequency (RF) regulatory testing, mandated by country-specific organizations, ensure that cellular devices do not exceed certain RF power levels, maintaining end-user safety. These organizations also set standards for transmission levels of non-cellular unlicensed wireless equipment such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios. Dekra decided to expand the company’s use of Keysight’s test solutions to address global 5G and IoT regulatory compliance markets.

Dekra selected Keysight’s RF/RRM DVT & Conformance Toolset, RF Automation Toolset and Wireless IoT Regulatory Test Solution to address requirements mandated by regulatory bodies including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S., ETSI for Radio Equipment Directive (RED) CE marking in Europe and the Telecom Engineering Center (TELEC) in Japan. The majority of Dekra’s compliance testing focuses on sub-7GHz (frequency range 1) spectrum, supported by nearly ninety percent of commercial 5G devices.

“The 5G, IoT and C-V2X testing solutions provided by Keysight enable us to certify products and systems that will improve safety in human interaction with technology, including vehicles,” said Derek Feng, general manager of Dekra Suzhou Lab Hub.

Keysight’s 5G device test solutions use common hardware and software platforms to deliver a comprehensive set of test cases in both FR1 and FR2 (mmWave) spectrum. Dekra can address test requirements specific to 5G NR, in both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) mode, as well as 4G LTE within a single solution.