Darts 9040-G radar target simulator from dSpace

dSpace Announces Darts 9040-G Target Simulator for 4D Radar Sensors

  • dSpace offers the Darts 9040-G target simulator for testing 4D radar sensors.
  • This solution can simultaneously process multiple radar signals with an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 5 GHz.
  • This simulator is aimed at high-resolution radar sensor development applications for driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles are equipped with high-resolution radar sensors providing them with detailed information to accurately detect all objects in their environment. The knowledge of the height, distance and speed of the surrounding objects is essential.

The dSpace Automotive Radar Test System (Darts) 9040-G solution allows to test the performance of these radar sensors from their development phase to their manufacturing. It can be used for sensor testing by chip manufacturers for hardware-in-the-loop validation as well as for end-of-line testing by automotive manufacturers.

The Darts 9040-G target simulator simultaneously covers the high-frequency range from 76 to 81 GHz. In particular, it is designed to cover the entire 77 GHz radar frequency band without the need for synthesizer tuning. It can also stimulate both short- and long-range radars without changing the center frequency.
# Overview of Darts 9040-G Target Simulator Specifications 

  • Over-the-air (OTA) of radar targets for 4D radar sensors
  • Echoes from less than 3 m up to 300 m with a step size of only 2.5 cm
  • Instantaneous bandwidth of 5 GHz