Electro Rent acquires Intellirent

  • Electro Rent Corporation announced the acquisition of Intellirent whose financial terms have not been disclosed.
  • Both US companies specialize in the rental, sale and asset management services of test and measurement equipment.
  • Electro Rent’s offer mainly consists of electronic test and measurement instruments, RF, telecom, optics, etc.
  • Intellirent’s offer includes electrical test and measurement equipment.

This operation aims to offer customers a wider range of equipment and a wider geographical coverage, thus ensuring greater availability and a higher level of technical service.

“In a growing global market, we are delivering on our promise to invest in Electro Rent’s long-term strategic plan and will continue to seek new opportunities for organic expansion or through other acquisitions,” said Louis Samson, partner in the Platinum Equity Partner investment fund that acquired Electro Rent Corporation in August 2016.

Electro Rent has specialized for nearly 50 years in the rental and sale of electronic test and measurement instruments, PCs and servers. The American company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, advises its clients so that they can choose the best equipment acquisition option combining rental, purchase and leasing.

Intellirent is an American provider of services such as leasing, leasing and asset management. Its catalogue includes a variety of test and measurement equipment for the control and validation of electrical networks and installations. The company’s headquarters, founded in 2008, is based in Dallas, Texas.