Bluetest's RTS65 reverberation chamber

Bluetest acquires its compatriot Gefle Testteknik

  • Bluetest, a Swedish specialist in Over-The-Air (OTA) reverberation test systems, has completed the acquisition of Gefle Testteknik (GTT).
  • With this operation, Bluetest will have test solutions for base stations and mobile communication devices from development to production.

Bluetest CEO Kjell Olovsson says OTA testing of base stations will become increasingly important when the 5G standard is deployed on next-generation mobile telecommunications networks. With this acquisition, his company will benefit from GTT’s expertise in the field of base station testing. Bluetest expects to be able to offer OTA test solutions for mobile devices and base stations.

Bluetest is a company founded in 2000, based in Gothenburg. It specializes in reverberation chambers for performance testing of antennas and wireless devices and small antennas. It claims the installation of more than 200 OTA reverberation systems worldwide over the last 15 years. Its RTS reverberation test system (photo) has been adopted by mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, antenna manufacturers and other wireless solution providers.

Founded in 2010, Gefle Testteknik is based in Gävle, about 200 km north of Stockholm. The company, which is part of National Instruments’s Alliance Partners, employs about 15 people. Its expertise is based on the integration of technologies to simplify and improve the efficiency of test systems. Its “GTT RBS Test Suite” software solution is part of its first product line designed to operate with the latest generation of National Instruments PXI RF instrumentation. It aims to improve and speed up the radio testing of base stations and others RF equipments.

In 2015, GTT launched the PIM test module for the testing of filters and antennas, promising to increase performance while reducing the cost of the required test equipment. This module is designed to run on the same PXI platform as the RBS test suite.

“Within Bluetest, the development of our RBS test solution will now accelerate and focus on the 5G communications sector in particular.” said Daniel Holback, product manager at GTT.