Keysight Nemo Outdoor 5G Field Test Solution

Keysight announced a field solution for 5G testing

  • Keysight Technologies announced the Nemo Outdoor 5G field test solution to measure, analyze and visualize the coverage of 5G mobile telecommunications base stations.
  • Nemo Outdoor 5G ensures the measurement of signal power levels and radio interface parameters in wireless communication networks.
  • This solution combines the Nemo Outdoor analysis tools with the FieldFox RF and microwave portable analyzer.

Mobile operators must carry out extensive research and measurements to gather information on the propagation of signals in the millimeter wave field in different radio environments both inside buildings and in the field. 5G measurements in a real environment allow operators to check the suitability of their radio infrastructure and evaluate their radio signal propagation models.

The field Nemo Outdoor 5G solution integrates Nemo Outdoor analysis tools for data visualization and post-processing to enable network equipment manufacturers and mobile operators to evaluate and verify the propagation models of the base stations to the future 5G standard in order to optimize the levels of cellular coverage.

The Keysight solution is a measurement system for applications implementing signals in the millimeter wave field. It combines the software and hardware needed to collect, post-process, analyze and visualize statistical information and data that can be shared. The FieldFox RF and microwave portable analyzer covers a frequency range from 4 to 50 GHz.