Bluetest's RTS65 reverberation chamber

Keysight and Bluetest offer a solution for the NB-IoT connection test

  • Keysight Technologies announced the collaboration with Bluetest for the development of an OTA (over-the-air) test solution according to the NB-IoT standard that can be used with the Swedish manufacturer’s reverberation chambers.
  • The proposed solution, already used by a Japanese operator, demonstrates the involvement of both companies in testing the communications of connected objects according to the NB-IoT standard (NarrowBand-Internet of Things).

« Our collaboration with Keysight has enabled us to meet the market requirements for testing NB-IoT devices. This has led to the development of a test solution for evaluating the performance of IoT devices, such as transmitter output power and receiver sensitivity, which is important when striving for good connectivity, particularly in challenging link budget conditions », said Klas Arvidsson, product manager for Bluetest’s OTA solutions.

The NB-IoT technology uses the existing cellular network infrastructure that provides it with the required radio coverage and connectivity. This approach is increasingly being adopted by operators around the world. The OTA test is essential for operators to qualify the interoperability and compliance of their NB-IoT devices. This is particularly important when a third-party enclosure is used with the device since the antenna coverage effects could be limited.

Bluetest reverberation test systems are suitable for testing IoT devices with their ability to measure objects under larger size test since there is no limit to the test area in the chamber. The RTS65 reverberation chamber is for example designed to optimize the OTA measurements times.

Recent enhancements to Keysight’s UXM wireless testing solution allow to support the latest NB-IoT specification, ensuring RF measurement, power consumption and end-to-end data testing from IoT devices to smartphones.