Emitech French laboratory is labeled as Sigfox Partner

IoT: Emitech certified for Sigfox Ready certification

Emitech is labeled as Sigfox Partner enabling the French test laboratory to implement Sigfox Ready certification for connected products intended for be used in low-power and long-range wireless communication networks using Sigfox technology.
Founded in 2009 in Labège, in Toulouse area, Sigfox is a provider of IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity services. Its technology, based on its LPWA wireless communication network (Low Power Wide Area Network), is deployed in 36 countries, 17 of which have national coverage.

In order for the equipment to communicate wirelessly, the deployment of base stations in a territory is necessary. But it is also essential that the communication unit on board connected objects is properly implemented. The French company therefore requires that any device operating on its network be certified, to ensure that it meets the required requirements.

This is to ensure that Sigfox connectivity is integrated into the partner devices with an adequate level of performance and maintain a quality of service required on the Sigfox network by ensuring the compliance of each device Sigfox radio specifications (both in conducted and radiated emissions).

This certification program enables Sigfox’s partners to integrate Sigfox connectivity with the delivery of their library implementing their protocol, but also to evaluate the radiation level of the product concerned and to evaluate the Quality of Service.

Labeled Sigfox Partner, the French laboratory Emitech can carry out Sigfox Ready certification. This involves taking measurements to evaluate the level of radiation of the communicating product. These tests make it possible to classify each uplink material and to determine the radiated power emitted.

Emitech informs that the Sigfox Ready certification procedures can be sent directly to Sigfox Ready without first seeking Sigfox.