NI Industrial IoT Lab

NI and PTC create a teaching platform for IoT

  • National Instruments (NI) and PTC are partnering to create an educational community that gives teachers and students the opportunity to exploit IoT (Internet of Things) as part of a pedagogical project.
  • The IoT teaching platform is based on a set of teaching tools including the myRIO automation platform, LabVIEW toolkits, PTC’s ThingWorx software and projects developed by Tufts University (USA) To develop real-time IoT applications in the classroom.

The combination of the modular input / output and automation platform myRIO with PTC’s ThingWorx online tools allows the collection of measurements from a real environment to cloud analysis and visualization tools Through the LabVIEW system design software. These educational resources are gathered in an online community specifically tailored to enable teachers to collaborate in hands-on work.

“The goal of this solution is to enable students to apply technologies and methodologies while giving a new dimension to traditional courses such as electronics and mechatronics,” explains Andy Bell, Director of Teaching & Research at NI.

“This partnership is important, not only for PTC and NI, but for all teachers around the world who want to exploit IoT’s impact on the educational environment,” continues Jordon Cox, Executive Vice-President, Education & Research at PTC.

A preparatory seminar will be organized during the summer for teachers who wish to integrate IoT into their curriculum. This seminar will provide an opportunity to preview a new LabVIEW toolkit, student-designed projects and professional resources. The objective of this project is to introduce a new approach to teaching based on Cloud technologies and to gather constructive opinions on the solution itself.

As a reminder, PTC is a provider of technologies dedicated to the Internet of Objects and software solutions for 3D digital design and PLM on the Internet. The company offers a platform combining augmented reality and IoT.

For more information and to register for the preparatory seminar: