THz transmission system for 6G telecommunications from Rohde & Schwarz.

Electro Rent as a preferred partner of Rohde & Schwarz

  • Electro Rent, a supplier of test and measurement equipment and financial services, becomes the preferred partner for the rental of Rohde & Schwarz instruments throughout Europe.

This partnership agreement aims to provide fast and flexible access to the latest electronic test equipment. By drawing on Electro Rent’s expertise and European network, Rohde & Schwarz aims to help its customers using its instruments to overcome financial obstacles that could hamper their ability to innovate.

Rohde & Schwarz customers will also have access to Electro Rent’s advice and expertise in the field of test and measurement in order to choose the most appropriate rental and financial services according to their needs.

“European companies are going through difficult economic times. By partnering with Rohde & Schwarz, we are able to combine their capacity for technical innovation with our expertise in alternative, OPEX-focused financial solutions to provide companies with access to much-needed test equipment. Thanks to our increased investment in Rohde & Schwarz instruments and the close cooperation of our European teams, we are able to continue to provide the support our customers expect in planning and executing their future test and measurement needs,” explains Peter Collingwood, CEO of Electro Rent Europe.

Patricio Duenas, Managing Director Sales Germany at Rohde & Schwarz, said: “This partnership with Electro Rent gives Rohde & Schwarz customers the flexibility they need to have high-end test solutions at their disposal while optimizing their capital expenditure. Electro Rent’s well-established structure and operational efficiency makes it the ideal partner for financing and leasing test and measurement equipment across Europe.