Electro Rent

Microlease and Electro Rent Europe merge

  • Microlease and Electro Rent Europe will unify their European operations to form a single independent supplier of test and measurement instruments.
  • Electro Rent Corporation acquired its competitor Microlease in 2016.
  • The creation of a single identity as an Electro Rent Corporation has been authorised by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Microlease and Electro Rent Europe have announced the start of the integration of their European operations. The two companies will merge in the coming months into the global Electro Rent Corporation group. During this period, the Microlease and Livingston brands will be consolidated within Electro Rent.

This operation aims to improve service and support to their customers, to offer a larger fleet of test and measurement equipment, to increase their availability, and to offer a wider range of technical expertise covering engineering and asset management topics.

The new entity will have combined equipment assets worth over $1.1 billion consisting of more than 200 brands of instruments available for sale, lease or rental.

Electro Rent Corporation also offers a global asset management optimization service to help companies maximize their investments.

Electro Rent’s North American headquarters is based in West Hills, California, while EMEA’s operations will continue to be managed from London.

Microlease was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.