Fluke 1740 Series power system quality logger

Fluke’s 1740 Series three-phase logger monitors power system quality

  • Fluke 1740 Series compact three-phase loggers are designed for power system quality analysis and monitoring.
  • These instruments automatically record and analyze data and report generation to save time and eliminate errors in manual data collection.

The loggers of the 1740 series comply with the international standard IEC 61000-4-30 for power system quality and meet the requirements of Class A.

These instruments simultaneously record more than 500 parameters for each average period, allowing technicians to analyze in detail the quality of the electrical network and correlate intermittent events with detailed waveform data to identify the origin of disturbances.

  • The supplied software simplifies the configuration of the logger and automates data analysis and measurement reporting operations.
  • Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet or USB connection to configure the instrument and download the recorded data or directly to a USB memory stick.
  • Energy Analyze Plus application software for downloading and analysing measured energy consumption and power quality data for automatic reporting.
  • Creation of standardized reports by pressing a single button in accordance with EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073.
  • Export data in a PQDIF or NeQual compatible format for use with third-party software.
  • Advanced analysis on any saved parameter to create a custom view of recorded measurements.
  • Automatic function for checking and correcting connection errors.
  • Measurements and recorded data can be viewed remotely via a wireless Wi-Fi connection. This allows
    technicians to move away from risk areas.
  • Loggers conforming to CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V certification for use on line input and downstream circuits.