Ideal Networks SureTrace kit for contactless localization of cables

Ideal Networks SureTrace kit locates network cabling

Ideal Networks offers the SureTrace kit for contactless localization of electrical cables to identify unshielded links in wiring and networks.

With the SureTrace solution, it is possible, according to Ideal Networks, to locate the unshielded Cat 5e and 6 & videos computer wires without disconnecting them from the network and thus without interrupting the traffic during the search of the faulty links.

To locate passive or active unshielded wiring, simply connect the inductive clamp to the portable instrument and position the jaws of the clamp around the câble to trace.

Ideal Networks SureTrace electrical cable tracers can be used to identify circuit breakers and fuses, identify electrical cables in walls and detect open circuits and short circuits. They can be used on circuits from 0 to 600V AC / DC.

With the SureTrace system, it is not necessary to drill a wall to find the source of a connection problem. Simply follow the path of the electrical connection to the problem area.

Once the detector is switched on and after checking that the signal reception level is sufficient, the user scans the area where the wiring is located from one end to the other. The sound of a higher or lower level and the numerical value displayed on the instrument display can be used to locate the zone from which the fault originated.