Keithley DMM7510 7½ Digit graphical sampling digital multimeter

Keithley Introduces a 7½ Digit graphical sampling digital multimeter

Keithley Instruments announced the introduction of the DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter. It integrates a digital multimeter, a digitizer for waveform capture, and a 5” capacitive touchscreen user interface.

Keithley Instruments DMM7510 capabilities :

  • Selectable resolution levels from 3½ to 7½ digits
  • 14ppm basic 1-year DCV accuracy
  • Measurement ranges : 100 mV, 1Ω, and 10µA
  • Auto-calibration feature minimizes temperature and time drift
  • Signal sampling with an 1MS/sec, 18-bit digitizer
  • View and analyze current and voltage waveforms and transients without the need for an additional instrument or PC
  • Analog triggering includes edge, pulse, and window triggers
  • Waveform visualization via the five-inch capacitive touchscreen interface
  • Touchscreen interface/display for setting up tests and and viewing results numerically and graphically
  • Pan, pinch, and zoom functions and the ability to set cursors
  • Test results stored in any of the data buffers can be displayed in graph, histogram, or numerical/datasheet form
  • Built-in graphing utility supports displaying and comparing measurements or waveforms from up to four reading buffers at once
  • Test results and screen images can be stored via the USB 2.0 memory port
  • Built-in support is provided for low resistance applications, including dry circuit, offset compensation, and open lead detection
  • Rotary control knob offers an alternative to touchscreen navigation
  • Front/rear input selector indicates the inputs currently in use
  • Connections and controls : input connectors, remote control interfaces (GPIB, USB 2.0 and LXI/Ethernet), a D-sub 9-pin digital I/O port (for internal/external trigger signals and handler control), and TSP‑Link® jacks for connecting to other Keithley instruments with an embedded Test Script Processor (TSP®).