Testing of charging equipment and batteries from Scienlab, a Keysight subsidiary.

Keysight and CharIN collaborate on the development of a standard system for charging electric vehicle batteries

  • Keysight Technologies is now part of the CharIN e.V. association, which aims to accelerate the development of a Combined Charging System (CCS) and establish an international standard for charging electric vehicle batteries.

Power transmission and reliable data exchange between electric vehicles (EVs) and power supply equipment are essential for a safe and functional charging process.

In addition to technical and legal requirements, environmental factors, such as on-site power grids and climatic conditions, must be taken into account when developing the product.

To help CharIN establish a global standard for electric vehicle charging, Keysight will provide expertise in charge communication protocols, power electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and measurement technology.

In order to foster the emergence of innovations and the development of electrically powered vehicles worldwide, Keysight is committed to collaborating on the implementation of fast DC charging systems.

The American company is partnering with CharIN to ensure interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations.

Keysight offers the Scienlab range of modular and customizable test solutions for all automotive charging systems and batteries, including high-power DC combined charging systems up to 1,000 V / 350 kW.

Scienlab electronic systems has been specialized since 2001 in test solutions for charging and battery systems. The German company was acquired on September, 1 2017 by Keysight Technologies. The Scienlab engineering center GmbH, a partner since its foundation of Scienlab electronic systems GmbH, has maintained its independence.