Keysight CX3300 current analyzer

Keysight CX3300 analyzer measures currents as low as 100 pA

Keysight Technologies launches the CX3300, with two or four channels, capable of measuring currents as low as 100 pA in a 200 MHz frequency band. This analyzer operates at a sampling rate of 1 Gech / s with a resolution of 14 or 16 bits.

The Keysight CX3300 current analyzer is equipped with two or four measurement channels. It is aimed at applications requiring measurements of transient currents having a pulse width of less than 100 ns during, in particular, the characterization phases of an electronic device.

With a 14.1-inch WXGA multi-touch screen, measurement and analysis software, and specific current sensors, the CX3300 provides simultaneous measurement of both broadband and Low level with a dynamic range of 14 or 16 bits. The 200 MHz bandwidth current sensors support current measurements between 10 A and 100 pA.

The absorbed current waveforms can also be captured at any time, whether the device is in standby / pause mode or active. By clearly observing how a device absorbs power, engineers are able to quantitatively evaluate and reduce the power / current absorbed by an electronic device.

In addition to measuring dynamic currents, the CX3300 can also be used as a debugging tool.