Keysight M924xA PXIe oscilloscopes

Keysight Technologies introduces ten PXIe Instruments

Keysight Technologies announced ten PXIe instruments, including a arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) that includes three synchronized channels for precise tuning of IQ waveforms and envelope tracking, as well as a PXIe oscilloscope (photo). The AWG and oscilloscopes provide up to 1 GHz bandwidth to support complex baseband IQ signal generation and analysis for evaluating emerging 5G and aerospace & defense wideband technologies.

The new PXI offering includes AWGs and digitizers that allow engineers to build onto the instrument’s core capabilities or insert custom algorithms into the on-board FPGAs. A graphical design environment makes possible to add customization required for emerging technologies, research and design, while accessing the performance and speed of the FPGA. The M3xxxA AWGs and digitizers use the FPGA and PXI reference clock to provide real-time sequencing and multi-channel/multi-module synchronization to support multi-channel applications like multi-user beamforming technologies and quantum computing.

The M9336A PXIe AWG is designed for creating digitally modulated waveforms for wideband communication systems and high resolution waveforms for radar and satellite test. It includes multiple independent or synchronized signal outputs. The M9336A provides in a single-slot PXIe module 16-bit resolution, up to 1 GHz modulation bandwidth, and individual channel control of gain, offset and skew. Engineers can generate industry-standard and custom waveforms for the AWG by using Signal Studio, MATLAB, Waveform Creator or other tools.

The M9243A PXIe oscilloscope is built with Keysight’s InfiniiVision oscilloscope technology, providing up to 1 GHz bandwidth for analysis and troubleshooting of wideband signals. With a 1,000,000 waveforms per second update rate, according to Keysight, the oscilloscope enables troubleshooting of random and intermittent signals not easily seen with digitizer technology. Other features include cursors and markers, triggering, waveform averaging, masks and 31 selectable measurements. When the scope is combined with 89600 VSA software, engineers can demodulate and evaluate IQ waveforms with a 1 GHz bandwidth.

Pricing for the following products, all available today, start at:

  • M3100A PXIe FPGA digitizer, 100 MS/s, 4 or 8-channel, $6,200
  • M3102A PXIe FPGA digitizer, 500 MS/s, 2 or 4-channel, $7,800
  • M3201A PXIe FPGA arbitrary waveform generator, 500 MS/s , $5,700
  • M3202A PXIe FPGA arbitrary waveform generator, 1 GS/s, $8,300
  • M3300A PXIe FPGA arbitrary waveform generator/digitizer, 500 MS/s. 2-channel, $12,900
  • M3302A PXIe FPGA arbitrary waveform generator/digitizer, 500 MS/s. 4-channel, $14,500
  • M9336A PXIe IQ arbitrary waveform generator, 1 GHz bandwidth, 3-channel, $22,000
  • M9241A PXIe oscilloscope, 200 MHz bandwidth, $5,500
  • M9242A PXIe oscilloscope, 500 MHz bandwidth, $8,500
  • M9243A PXIe oscilloscope, 1 GHz bandwidth, $12,000