PicoScope 4444 USB module oscilloscope

The PicoScope 4444 integrates four differential inputs

Pico Technology announces the PicoScope 4444 oscilloscope module with four differential inputs and a range of accessories for measuring voltages ranging from a few millivolts up to 1000 V on Class III installations.

The new PicoScope responds to the recurring problem of taking measurements of non-grounded voltages without the risk of causing short circuits, which could damage the device under test or the measuring instrument.

The PicoScope 4444 offers differential voltage measurements in the presence of common mode signals. This modular instrument, which is controlled by a PC via a USB connection and the PicoScope 6 software, has a resolution of 14 bits on four channels and a memory depth of 256 Mech.

“It can thus be used for the analysis of complex waveforms exploited by biomedical sensors up to those encountered on CAT 1000V power distribution circuits. III, “says Trevor Smith, Director of Business Development, Testing and Measurement at Pico Technology.

When low voltage measurements are required in the presence of common mode noise or various offset voltages, grounded oscilloscopes require the use of two input channels and a mathematical subtraction function (A -B) to observe the differential signal. However, according to the English manufacturer, this requires two input channels and most oscilloscopes do not have a sufficiently high common mode rejection rate (CMRR) or resolution to perform the measurements accurately.

In addition, according to Pico Technology, polyphase power distribution systems require phase to phase alternating voltages, rather than phase to ground measurements. A grounded oscilloscope can not be used because it will cause a short circuit. Differential external probes are a rather expensive and cumbersome solution since each probe requires its own power supply.

The PicoScope 4444 with differential inputs is available with a choice of low voltage probes (1: 1), as well as 25: 1 1000 V CAT III probes..

The oscilloscope has a new interface, which, in addition to transmitting the differential signal to be measured, can also supply active probes, such as Active AC / DC sensor. The instrument detects the connection of a compatible probe and adapts the corresponding measurement units and vertical settings via the PicoScope 6 software.

Compatible probe ranges:

  • PicoConnect 441: Differential passive voltage measuring probe 1: 1, 20 MHz
  • PicoConnect 442: Voltage measuring probe 1000 V CAT. III differential passive of 25: 1, 10 MHz
  • TA300 current measuring probe 40 A AC / DC, 300 V CAT. III, 100 kHz
  • TA301 current measuring probe 200/2000 A AC / DC, 150 V CAT. II, 20 kHz
  • Adapter TA299 D9-double BNC
  • Adapter TA271 D9-BNC


Standard kits including the PicoScope 4444 oscilloscope with three probes are available.

PicoScope 4444 standard kit :

  • PicoScope 4444
  • Three PicoConnect 441 1: 1 differential probes and one T927 D9-BNC adapter
  • Prices : 1 535 $ / 1 325 € / 1 075 £


Kit PicoScope 4444 1000 V CAT. III :

  • PicoScope 4444
  • Three 25: 1 differential probes PicoConnect 442 1000 V CAT. III and a TA271 D9-BNC adapter
  • Prices :  1 915 $ / 1 625 € / 1 345 £