Keysight’s E6950A eCall Conformance Test Solution

Keysight Receives Certification for eCall Test Emulator Software

  • The Keysight E6951A public safety answering point (PSAP) emulator of Keysight Technologies has been certified by the German independent laboratory NavCert on 18 December 2017.
  • The E6951A is part of Keysight’s E6950A eCall Conformance Test Solution.

The European regulation 2015/758 states beginning April 1, 2018, eCall in-vehicle system (IVS) functionality must exist in all new types of vehicles in categories M1 and N1 (cars and light vans) and are subject to EC type-approval specifications as laid out in Annexes I–VIII of EU-Regulation 2017/79.

Keysight’s E6951A PSAP emulator has been independently verified by an eCall certification authority as being able to simulate a public safety answering point (PSAP) according to European standards. The validation of IVS modules with the PSAP E6951A emulator ensures compliance with these standards.

The E6951A PSAP emulator also enables a “Live Network Mode.” This allows functional test of an IVS module using a commercial mobile phone in real world scenarios, such as testing emergency calls in poor reception areas or checking the survivability of an IVS module during a crash test.

NavCert has certified the Keysight E6951A PSAP Emulator as compliant with the EN 16454 and EN 15722 standards.