Version 6 of Switching Path Management Software from Pickering Interfaces.

Pickering announces version 6.1.2 of its signal routing software

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for electronic testing and validation, announces a new version of its Switch Path Manager signal routing software.
  • Switch Path Manager version 6.1.2 includes features for automatic detection and storage of switching paths.

Pickering’s Switch Path Manager (SPM) software is designed to manage signal routing within switching systems. It can support the interconnection of the entire Pickering switching range, including a thousand modules in PXI and LXI format.

Once a switching system model has been created, signal routing can be achieved by simply defining the terminations that need to be connected. The software also has features that allow it to automatically detect short circuits.

SPM version 6.1.2 introduces the automatic detection configurator that pre-communicates with the hardware before it is added to the configuration to provide information about the connector, addressing management, hardware existence verification within SPM, and identification parameters. This simplifies the initial configuration of the SPM switching software.

Route caching is intended to improve routing performance. Calculating the route to establish a connection takes time. If there is a sequence of repeated connections, caching transmission paths avoids redundant calculations by exploiting stored route data, thus accelerating the switching process.