Pickering Interfaces' PXI 4x-323 and LXI 65-23x Series Switching Modules

Pickering Interfaces’ PXI 4x-323 and LXI 65-23x Series Switching Modules Support Voltages Up to 9kV

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic test and verification, offers new lines of PXI and LXI format modules with switching capabilities up to 9 kV.

The PXI 4x-323 and LXI 65-23x series are available in various topologies such as multiplexers and smaller ‘building block’ SPST switches. This allows the implementation of different types of test configurations. Hardware interlocking is provided on all models in addition to loop-through ports on multiplexers and switch arrays.

The SPST 40-323 (PXI) and 42-323 (PXIe) high voltage relay modules are equipped with up to 14 Pickering reed relays per module. These can switch up to 9 kilovolts DC/AC peak when cold, and up to 7.5 kilovolts DC/AC peak when hot at up to 50 W, carrying currents up to 250 mA.

The LXI 65-23x Series high-voltage switches fit into a modular 2U Ethernet-controlled chassis that can hold up to several switch modules. Each plug-in module can hold up to 50 high voltage relays with the same 9 kilovolt specification as the PXI module range mentioned above.

Three plug-in variants are available:

– In the 65-231 version, each plug-in is configured as a 1-pole multiplexer with different numbers of channels and bank quantities. These can be interconnected with external cables to form multiplexers with up to 288 channels.

– The 65-233 version has up to 50 independent SPST switches per plugin for common high voltage applications.

“PXI format SPST switches supporting up to 9 kV enable modular, scalable test systems to be designed in a rack with a minimal footprint compared to older generation solutions,” observes Steve Edwards, switching product manager at Pickering Interfaces.

All modules, in both PXI and LXI formats, are equipped with Pickering Electronics’ reed relays. The modules also include RFI suppression components to extend relay contact life and control surges caused by high voltage transients. Connections are made via Redel’s K or S series high voltage connectors.

Pickering also offers a standard line of interconnect accessories to support the Redel connector series and provides custom cable manufacturing services through its connection division. Pickering’s standard three-year warranty covers all switch modules.