DL3000 programmable DC electronic load of Rigol up to 350 W

Rigol’s DL3000 programmable DC electronic loads of Rigol deliver up to 350W

The new DL3000 series of DC electronic loads from Chinese Rigol Technologies comes in 4 configurations that provide power up to 200W or 350W. They are particularly suitable for power evaluation applications as well as optimizing energy efficiency and battery life.

Overview of Rigol’s DL3000 DC Electronic Loads :

  • DL3021/DL3021A: single channel, DC150 V/40 A, total power up to 200 W
  • DL3031/DL3031A: single channel, DC150 V/60 A, total power up to 350 W
  • Dynamic mode: up to 30 kHz
  • Adjustable current rising speed: 0.001 A/μs to 5 A/μs
  • Min. readback resolution: 0.1 mV,0.1 mA
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD, capable of displaying multiple parameters and
    states simultaneously
  • Overvoltage/overcurrent/overpower/overtemperature/reverse
    voltage protection
  • 4 static modes: CC, CV, CR, CP
  • 3 dynamic modes: continuous, pulsed, toggled
  • List function supports editing as many as 512 steps
  • Battery test function, OCP test, OPP test, factory test function, etc.
  • Short-circuit test function
  • Power-off memory function
  • Built-in RS232/USB/LAN communication interface
  • USB-GPIB module (optional)
  • Starting at 439 to 1429€

The DL3000 delivers 4 Constant Modes (Current, Voltage, Power, and Resistance) as well as 4 more advanced Transient Modes (Continuous Pulse, Timed Pulse, Toggle, and List) and 3 Applications Modes.

The DL3000’s integrated Battery Test Mode allows to complete battery discharge testing in order to see live capacity in mAh and service time. This Battery Test Mode gives designers tools to model power usage, edge conditions, and long term battery performance.

The DL3000 comes with a free UltraLoad software application that allows for instrument monitoring and control as well as access to data for offline analysis over USB or LAN.