R&S NGE100 compact power supply from Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz announced R&S NGE100 compact power supply 

  • The R&S NGE100 power supply series consists of the R&SNGE102 two-channel power supply and the R&SNGE103 three-channel power supply.
  • Both instruments provide up to 33.6 W output power per channel.
  • The galvanically separated channels can be switched in series or in parallel to increase either the output voltage or the output power.
  • The power supplies, sold from 650 EUR, also offer configurable overload protection.

Rohde & Schwarz introduces its new power supply series with the two-channel R&S NGE102 and the three-channel R&S NGE103.. The power supplies deliver up to 33.6 W output power per channel. They offer a per-channel output voltage of up to 32 V and output current of up to 3 A.

All channels are galvanically separated, earth free and electrically identical, so that even complex switching operations can be performed without grounding problems. Users can switch the channels in series or in parallel. Two channels switched in series deliver an output voltage up to 64 V, three channels up to 96 V. When the channels are switched in parallel, the instrument supplies a maximum of 6 A for two channels and 9 A for three.

The R&S NGE100 provides protection options. Users can enter maximum values for voltage, current and power separately for each channel. The electronic fuses can also be linked with other channels. All linked channels will be switched off as soon as one of the linked channels reaches a limit. Users can define a delayed response time to prevent the power supply from switching off in the event of a short current spike.

The power supplies can be used on the benchtop or mounted in a 19″ rackmount (with a rack adapter). They can be remote controlled via the integrated USB interface or optionally via LAN or WLAN. A digital trigger option is also available. A key code activates the options.

The power supplies are available from Rohde & Schwarz and selected distribution channel partners with prices starting at EUR 650.


R&S NGE102 : 

  • Number of output channels : 2
  • Max. output power : 66 W
  • Output power per channel : max. 33.6 W
  • Output voltage per channel : 0 V to 32 V
  • Output current per channel : 0 A to 3 A


R&S NGE103

  • Number of output channels : 3
  • Max. output power : 100 W
  • Output power per channel : max. 33.6 W
  • Output voltage per channel : 0 V to 32 V
  • Output current per channel : 0 A to 3 A