Tektronix's Test Solution for MIPI D-PHY v2.0

Tektronix announces receiver test solution for MIPI D-PHY v2.0

Tektronix offers a receiver test solution covering the D-PHY v.2.0 specifications recently released by the MIPI Alliance as well as support for the C-PHY v1.1 receptor test specification.

The MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) alliance defines the exchange standards between the embedded components on the mobile terminals and promotes a common software interface format.

Tektronix offers designers using MIPI technologies, such as those working on stand-alone vehicles and embedded infotainment systems, a solution to simplify the configuration of PHY receiver tests and accelerate their execution, while maintaining the integrity of the signal and to provide more flexibility during debugging operations.

This solution expands the portfolio of MIPI PHY transmitter, receiver and protocol test solutions for Tektronix’s real-time oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators and BERTScope binary error rate testers.

The MIPI standards, which continue to evolve, are widely adopted in the automotive sector for applications ranging from stand-alone cars to vehicle telematics. Receiver tests are often complex because of the data speeds and data rates to be processed, the various transmission modes at different rates (HS, LP, HS-LP) and the requirements for backward compatibility.

The latest Tektronix MIPI receiver test solutions consist of DPHYXpress and CPHXpress packages running on the AWG70000 series arbitrary waveform generators. These solutions offer a sampling rate of up to 50 GS/s and a vertical resolution of 10 bits.

The software provides users with the ability to modify the receiver’s test parameters such as rise time, amplitude, jitter, setup/hold time for CLK, skew, noise, duty cycle distortion etc.

It also allows users to de-embed cable effects using a direct synthesis method. To reduce test times, the applications offer a batch mode for receiver margin testing to create and replay libraries of complied stress waveforms with different jitter and noise parameters.

The DPHYXpress and CPHYXpress solutions are available for download now from the Tektronix website. Pricing is €9,100.