Tektronix optical modules for DSA8300 sampling oscilloscope

Tektronix introduces optical modules for 100G designs

Tektronix introduced new optical modules for its DSA8300 sampling oscilloscope that feature -14 dBm mask test sensitivity and 3.9 µW noise along with new features to improve the test efficiency of 100G designs moving into production.

The company also unveiled enhancements to its 400G test solution including IEEE Ethernet standard-driven Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure (TDECQ) PAM4 and related support measurements for optical testing.

When installed in Tektronix DSA8300 sampling oscilloscopes, the new 80C17 and 80C18 optical modules provide mask test sensitivity of -14 dBm that exceeds requirements for 28 GBd PAM4 standards; while offering 3.9 µW noise performance with broad wavelength support. According to Tektronix, the two-channel 80C18 enables optical manufacturing test engineers to double throughput and capacity.

The new modules and capabilities along with the full set of Tektronix solutions for 100G / 400G optical characterization and validation were demonstrated at the OFC optical networking and communication conference and exhibition, which took place through March 23, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

If a device fails, Tektronix offers analysis tools to decompose the signal content for both noise and jitter to help engineers understand the underlying problem.
Pricing & Availability

The 80C17 and 80C18 optical modules and 400G test software enhancements will be available beginning in late April 2017. New optical module pricing starts at $65,000 US MSRP.