Anritsu BERTWave MP2110A Tester

Anritsu BERTWave all-in-one tester for 100 Gbit multichannel optical modules.

Anritsu launches MP2110A Series of BERTWave testers optimized for testing compliance and manufacturing of 100 Gbit/s multichannel optical modules. It is an all-in-one instrument that can simultaneously measure Bit Error Rate (BER) and analyze eye diagrams to evaluate optical modules and devices used in optical communication according to 100 GbE Ethernet, InfiniBand EDR and 32 Gb Fiber Channel standards.

The Anritsu MP2110A can measure the BER and analyze the eye diagrams simultaneously, allowing the integration of a single instrument into a test bench.

To reduce the evaluation time on the production lines of optical modules and devices, the MP2110A’s sampling rate has been increased to 250,000 samples per second. The instrument also includes options for the BERT to integrate 4 channels up to 28.2 Gbit/s and a 2-channel sampling oscilloscope.

In this way, the MP2110A can measure the bit error rate of multichannel optical modules, such as QSFP28, and analyze the 2-channel eye diagram, thereby reducing, according to Anritsu, the measurement time by approximately 65% compared to previous measuring systems.

The optical interface of the sampling oscilloscope displays a sensitivity of -15 dBm. The binary error tester (BERT) sequence generator has some 600 fs rms jitter (PPG), and the sensitivity of the error detector is 25 mV.