Anritsu MT1100A OTDR

The Anritsu OTDR module manages three optical wavelengths

Anritsu presents the OTDR module supporting three optical wavelengths: 1310 nm, 1550 nm, and 1625 nm. This module is intended for the Japanese manufacturer’s Network Master Pro MT1000A portable reflectometer, which incorporates new software features to better support optical fiber testing on infrastructure, urban and mobile networks.

Anritsu presents a three-wavelength module for its Network Master Pro MT1000A portable optical transducer (OTDR) for fiber optic testing of infrastructure, urban and mobile networks.

The new optical reflectometer module (MU100022A-022) has a dynamic range of 46 dB at 1310 and 1550 nm, and 44 dB at 1625 nm.

This module for OTDR integrates the “Fiber Visualizer” function of Anritsu for the location of the faults. This feature automatically selects test settings to ensure proper configuration and provides a graphical preview of the fiber under test in seconds. Fiber Visualizer also includes Pass / Fail test mode (pass / fail).

A “construction” mode is provided on the Network Master Pro MT1000A reflectometer. It provides an automated method for testing many optical fibers at different wavelengths during cable installation.

A configuration screen launches the test wizard to ensure that all fibers are tested and the results are stored in coherently named files. In addition, a bidirectional measurement function was added for loss event analysis.

The Network Master Pro MT1000A network analyzer, compact and battery powered, can be configured with a Transport Network Tester Module (Ethernet, OTN … CPRI / OBSAI), as well as the RFoCPRI test. It adapts to the needs of infrastructure networks, urban and mobile phone networks.