Anritsu's spectrum analyzers of the Spectrum Master MS2760A family

Anritsu launches the Spectrum Master MS2760A modules for spectral analyzes up to 110 GHz

  • Anritsu announces the spectrum analyzers of the Spectrum Master MS2760A family covering the millimeter frequency range in the E band.
  • These modules, connecting to a PC via a USB link, cover a frequency band up to 32 GHz at 110 GHz according to the models.
  • They are distinguished by their compactness and sweeping speed. Eleven seconds are enough, according to Anritsu, to sweep the 110 GHz.

With the development of next generation 5G mobile telecommunications equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ad / WiGig) or automotive radar, the use of millimeter wave bands is moving into the industrial era. Instrumentation must follow to meet the special requirements of these new applications while offering new opportunities for satellite communications, and other military electronic equipments.

Anritsu has put its know-how in the field of radiofrequency and microwave measurements, including its patented Shockline NLTL (Non-Linear Transmission Line) technology, to design an extremely compact spectrum analyzer that is barely larger than a smartphone (155 Mm x 84 mm x 27 mm) and a weight of 250 grams.

The Spectrum Master MS2760A conducts essential spectrum measurements, such as spectrum analysis, channel power, adjacent channel power, spurious emissions, and occupied bandwidth. The MS2760A allows measurements to be taken directly at the DUT, unlike benchtop models that require expensive cables that can add loss.

The Spectrum Master MS2760A can be used in laboratory, production and field operations, according to Anritsu. This modular instrument is powered by its USB 3.0 type C interface and controled by a Windows tablet or PC.

The Spectrum Master MS2760A has models to support the 32 GHz, 44 GHz, 50 GHz, 70 GHz, and 110 GHz frequencies. A 90-GHz model is also available for countries where an export license is required for analyzers above 90 GHz.

According to Anritsu, the entire 70 GHz band is scanned in nine seconds and 110 GHz in eleven seconds. Their noise level (DANL) is around -130 dBm.

It is the latest member of Anritsu’s ultraportable analyzer portfolio that also includes the Power Master MA24507A mmWave power analyzer and Site Master S331P.