Teledyne LeCroy Bluetooth conformance tester

Teledyne LeCroy announces a Bluetooth conformance tester

Teledyne LeCroy introduced a Bluetooth Conformance Tester for verifying conformance of Bluetooth low energy link layer and HCI implementations. It simplifies the testing and reporting of Bluetooth low energy implementations attempting to conform to the Bluetooth 4.1, 4.2, and 5 specifications published by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG).

The Teledyne Bluetooth Conformance Tester is used in conjunction with the Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer to test an implementation under test’s (IUT) conformance with the Bluetooth low energy specification. IUTs are tested using conformance test cases published by the Bluetooth SIG.

Test plans created using the Bluetooth SIG test plan generator can be directly imported into the Teledyne Bluetooth Conformance Tester. The Frontline protocol analysis software, running at the same time as the conformance tester, provides comprehensive packet analysis.

In addition to errors, warnings and events, by adding the Bluetooth Protocol Expert System software module, specific references to the Bluetooth specification and even solutions are made available while running the Bluetooth Conformance Tester.

“The Teledyne Bluetooth Conformance Tester not only does streamline the conformance testing process, it can provide detailed solutions pointing to how to fix the issues that will be discovered when used with the Teledyne Bluetooth Protocol Expert System software module”, explains David Bean, General Manager Teledyne LeCroy.