Teledyne LeCroy's Summit Z58 Analyzer/Exerciser

Teledyne LeCroy’s Summit Z58 Analyzer/Exerciser Ready for PCIe 5.0 Testing

  • Teledyne LeCroy has announced the Summit Z58 Protocol Analyzer/Exerciser for testing designs and products using the version 5.0 of the PCI Express Bus (PCIe).

PCIe 5.0 offers twice the speed of the previous version. It meets the data transfer rate requirements of data centers or cloud platforms. This new version can also support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications.

The Summit Z58 Exerciser/Analyzer decodes and debugs serial data communications between devices and systems. The Summit Z58 provides 32 GT/s traffic generation on devices with up to 8-channel links and protocol analysis using Teledyne LeCroy’s CATC Trace standard. It enables traffic generation and protocol analysis from a single platform.

The protocol exerciser delivers realistic data traffic to the devices under test and can also emulate complex host-side or device-side traffic while the protocol analyser acquires, records, decodes, analyses and displays high-speed PCI Express I/O flows. Using the analyzers and exercisers, developers can create traffic at the script level and can monitor the results of all tests.

The protocol exerciser uses the new PXP-500A test platform, which has EMC and SFF-TA-1002 connectors to support various PCI Express expansion cards.