Rohde & Schwarz R & S RT-ZPR20 oscilloscope's probe

The Rohde & Schwarz R & S RT-ZPR20 probe for analyzing the integrity of power signals

The Rohde & Schwarz R & S RT-ZPR20 probe is especially designed for low-noise measurements on Power Rail power supplies. This probe, with an integrated DC voltmeter, has a bandwidth of 2 GHz and a attenuation factor of 1: 1. The offset range of ± 60 V makes possible to analyze the integrity of the power signals by measuring low parasitic signals.

The quality of the power supply is crucial for the proper functioning of the sensitive electronic circuits. Spurious signals carried on the DC power supply network can induce electromagnetic disturbances (EMC) or alter the operation of electronic circuits such as memories, microprocessors or FPGAs.

In order to evaluate the power quality of such components, Rohde & Schwarz offers the R & S RT-ZPR20 sensor for measurements on Power Rail power supplies with the R & S RTE and R & S RTO2000 series oscilloscopes. This probe has a dynamic range of ± 850 mV and a DC voltage offset range of ± 60 V.

The users can also observe in detail the low parasitic voltages, via the tools offered by Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes such as their spectral analysis capacity.

The R & S RT-ZPR20 integrates a DC voltmeter to simultaneously measure the DC component of a power supply, regardless of the offset voltage. The DC voltage measurements are transmitted to the oscilloscope and displayed on its screen together with the waveform of the power signals. This makes it possible to validate whether the voltage variations comply with the tolerances required for the supply of sensitive electronic components.