Keysight's PROPSIM FS16 5G NR channel emulation solution

Vivo selects Keysight’s channel emulation solutions for 5G testing

  • Keysight Technologies announced that Vivo has opted for its channel emulation solutions to perform complex testing of 5G communication devices.

Keysight’s Propsim F64 Radio Frequency (RF) Channel Emulator was chosen by vivo to perform multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) over-the-air (OTA) testing in a laboratory environment under a diverse range of real-world mobility scenarios, including rural, city and indoor.

Keysight’s Propsim channel emulation solutions enable vivo to test the performance of 5G devices under real-world channel conditions according to the latest 5G new radio (NR) specifications defined by 3GPP. Propsim integrates seamlessly with Keysight’s UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform to deliver CTIA-defined MIMO OTA test scenarios in frequency range 1 (FR1). By combining channel and network emulation capabilities, users can also access advanced performance test capabilities, including full stack end-to-end protocol signaling and radio frequency (RF) performance testing of devices.

vivo uses Keysight’s 5G emulation solutions to validate the performance of 5G devices equipped with complex beamforming techniques such as MIMO and massive MIMO (mMIMO) in FR1 (sub-7GHz).

The solutions use real-world complex 3D propagation channels to verify the performance of 5G device in highly dynamic mmWave end-user environments.

The integrated test solution enables users to address both baseband modem performance and antenna design performance evaluation from a single channel emulation platform, leading to reduced test execution times.